Sarahah- What is it, How to use sarahah ?

From the middle of 2017, everyone is talking about Sarahah. This is spread and trending in every social network. So many people are using this and so many are about to use it after knowing what is sarahah? Some are saying this it is good and helpful. But some people are opposing this by saying that it has bad impact on us. Let’s see what is this, We’ll try to explain everything about sarahah here in this article.

What is Sarahah ?

Sarahah is a social communication network which you can use to send messages to people without letting them know your identity. Means you can send a message to your family or friends or to anyone, but they can not find who has sent this message to them. They just receive the message from an anonymous person. This is introduce to get honest feedback and reviews from your co-workers or Friends. Sometimes people can’t praise you for what you did great to them. Or they can’t tell you on your face that what you did wrong to them. So you miss the honest feedback from the people around you.

But by using sarahah people can send you their feedback without showing their identity. And from their feedback you can improve yourself and can enhance your strength at your work. Or you can improve your friendship by discovering your strength and weakness. We can use this social network from a computer by opening its website, or by downloading it’s app in our mobile.

Before we discuss how does sarahah work and how to use it..,

Let’s know who has started sarahah and why did he ?

It was started by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq on last of 2016. He is a Saudi Arabian Programmer. And in Arabic Language Sarahah means Honesty. In earlier February,2017 this app got so much popularity and according to the report it already had 5 Millions users at that time. In present it has 300 Millions users and growing more so rapidly. Developers say that many new features will be added to the App in next Update to provide a great user experience. They say that it will help people in self-development by letting them know their strengths and weakness by honest feedback. This is not the 1st app for anonymous messaging. Before this, there wereย Yik Yak, Secret and Whisper apps for the same job. You can go to sarahah website by clicking here. or You can download app for android or app for iphone.

How to use sarahah ?

It’s simple. Open the website in computer or the app in your mobile. Then you will have to register if you are using it first time.

Sarahah registration

There is a simple form to fill. It will search if the username you have entered is already taken by anyone else or not. If it is available then you will be given that or else you have to enter another one. Profile picture is optional, You may set or you may not. Once you have registered by filling all the fields, you can login to your account anytime from anywhere. And you can see the messages you received from others or the messages you have sent to others.

Once you registered people can find you by searching your name on there sarahah account. You can also share your username on other social media like your facebook, tweeter or whatsapp to get more feedback from your friends on social media. You can only see the messages you received in your inbox but can not find out who has sent that to you. User also has option to send there detail identity with their message. But by default the message is from Anonymous.

You can mark a message as favorite to easily find that later . You can share a message on your Facebook or other social media account. There is option to block a person from sending you messages when he is annoying you. There is a search button in the app. click there and search anyone by their name to send a message if you want to give a feedback to him.

How to delete sarahah account ?

Yes, you can delete your existing sarahah account permanently anytime you want. Once you will delete you account, No one can find you on sarahah or they can not send you messages. To remove login to your sarahah account,

Go to Setting >> Remove Account >> Remove

remove sarahah account

That’s all. You can delete your account permanently.

Impact of sarahah

Anything can be bad if we will use that in improper way. Like that, Sarahah can be a very good platform which will help you in your self-development only when we will use it in a good way. But if we will use it to bully others or if we will start sending hateful messages, then this can be a dangerous place to stay. Many people already have complained about this App that they are getting useless and hateful messages which are disturbing them mentally. So it depends on us that how we are going to use this.

Truth of Sarahah Exposed and Sarahah Spyerย 

Some websites came in picture after sarahah got enough popularity. On their website they are showing that they will decrypt the message for you and show you who has sent you the message. Those websites are, and some others. Many people are also trying to get the senders name who has sent them I Love U or I hate U messages by using these websites. But these all are fake. The Data-Base of sarahah is not shared with anyone or no one can access the data. Official twitter account of sarahah twitted after knowing about these sites, see the tweet below.

sarahah tweet


So there is no chance that you can find out the sender. We also tried to know the truth and tried In its homepage there was so many dynamic things were updating continuously. The page was showing the recent messages it has decrypted. ย It asked for the username of my sarahah to decrypt my message. Once I have put and press enter it started decrypting and at the middle of the process it took me to a survey page. Though I completed that survey it showed me that “We are getting many comments please wait”. Then I tried all again and this time I pressed enter button without typing anything in username tab. The unbelievable fact is that it started running the decryption page without a username provided by me. Now its really funny.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why those fake sites started ?

They are just trying to earn money by taking advantage of the popularity that Sarahah got. It’s a trap to attract many users of sarahah to their website to get more traffic on their sites. They also get money by the survey they make by redirecting users to other webpages. So don’t believe these things and do not complete any surveys on those website. Because you are not going to get what are you looking for at the end. It’s just waste of time.


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