Blue Whale Game : 130 teens died till now

In social media, a game is trending now a day’s named Blue Whale Game and reportedly so many teenagers are dying by playing this Blue whale game. A game which forces people to commit suicide at the end. This news is quite curious that how a Game can take so many lives. Yes it is true, this is a suicide game, or basically a set of challenges that players has to complete once he/she is in to it and the final challenge is the player has to suicide.


This Blue whale game was invented on 2013 by Philipp Budeik in, 21 years old Russian Psychology student who was expelled from his University. According to him by this game He is cleaning the society by killing kids who are mentally unstable, they are biological waste.

Blue whale Game was 1st started on a European social media Vkontakte, then it spread on Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook and other social medias. This game is conducted in closed or private groups of social medias i.e everyone can’t access this. But if someone is added or approved to that closed group then He/She can ask to play that or take that Blue-Whale challenge. People are searching for this game by different hash-tags like #Blue Whale, #sea of whale, #I’m in the game, #Wake me up at 4:20, #F57, #F58, #Secret House etc.

Once you sign up for this Blue whale game, you will be instructed that you can’t leave this game in the middle and you will have to complete all the 50 dares/challenges those you will be given. An instructor will be assigned once someone starts playing this game. And different tasks will be given to the player by his instructor by personal messages or calls. The player has to complete that task and as proof He/She has to send a picture or a video clip of completion of that task to the instructor.



  1. There is no way out. You can’t leave the Game in the middle. You will have to complete all the 50 tasks, one task per day. And the 50th task is you will have to commit suicide.
  2. Carry out each task diligently and no one must know about it.
  3. When one task is finished, send a picture or video.
  4. If you leave the game in the middle we will come after you and your family members. We have all your information.


The task given to the players by his/her instructor may differ. But all the tasks are like a challenge to the players. Those may be

  • Watch a Horror movie at mid night.
  • Climb up to a crane.
  • Don’t talk to anyone for a whole day.
  • Put status on social media “Meeting a Whale”
  • Listen to horrible music.
  • Crave a shape of whale on your hand by blade or knife.
  • Mutilate a body parts like fingers, toes etc.
  • Inject a sharp pin to your palm or feet.
  • Watch video of people committing Suicide.
  • Stand on the edge of a roof or bridge.
  • The 50th task could be Jump down from the building or may be cutting down the wrist vein or throat.

Till now around 130 teens already have committed suicide in different countries including Brazil, China, Colombia, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United States and UK. In India also one 14 years old boy has jumped down from 7th floor of a Building at Andheri(East), Mumbai on 30th July.

So this Blue whale game is a dangerous side of Internet that may take lives of many children. The inventor of this game Philipp Budeikin was arrested on 22nd November,2016 at Muscow town of Russia in a charge of persuading kids to commit suicide. But the game is not stopped with arresting that person, it’s getting viral and running on the internet worldwide. Many countries have banned so many groups of social media to stop this attack to the kids. Also it’s our responsibility to take care of our kids and keep eyes on them that what they are doing on internet.

They easily manipulate the kids who are mentally sick and are not happy with their life and they force them to commit suicide. So we should put some more effort to keep our kids internally happy and we should instruct each of them not to open any link about this Blue-Whale game, not even out of curiosity.

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